woensdag 17 oktober 2007

we're making progress

So, yesterday and today we all started some storyboarding for ideas 1 and 3. After some discussing we finally chose for idea three, with some modifications though:

- intro; like martins sb, coughing corvo
- birth of Bunch more agressive, coughing, barfing, puking.. quite disgusting, lots of bodymovement. He really needs to get rid of it.. Like a nasty furball..
-Bunch'll need more time to shine; it'll move a bit slow and dramatic in the beginning, suffering, and faster towards the end, where Kra well appear from the bunch of lines.
-at the end, the shadow will attach itself to Corvo.

We'll all work out a new storyboard. Use framing, cuts, holds, camera angles all well. With clever use of them, this thing just might work..!
Hope to have storyboards online tonight already, so we can compose a final sb out of it tomorrow, and start making it a moving storyboard..

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