zondag 7 oktober 2007

Bunch o' Lines

Well, what can I say about my character? It's just a bunch of lines, hence the name, Bunch o'Lines. It's a grumpy, cranky, short-tempered character [hope I chose all the right words], though perhaps a bit shy and curious. May depend of the situation, and its mood of course, you can't really trust him for that matter.
Bunch o'Lines can take various forms, but will remain a abstract form, it won't be a figurative thingy like Barbapapa. Here are some poses, though it's charactaristics won't really show untill animated I guess, so I'll get to that soon.

*the thumbs may seem a bit grey, but the fullsize pics seem to be doing fine [so, for optimal viewing pleasure, click them! ;]

And we have it in motion as well, though not specifically animated for this project. Bunch o'Lines kinda evolved from this thing, but it will behave sort of alike.

Please feel free to comment, all kinds of suggestions, critiques and comments are more then welcome. [Concerning the grammar and stuff as well, I'm sure it'll be full of faults..]

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