maandag 15 oktober 2007

first ideas and sketches

So, today [monday] I and Linde have been brainstorming and sketching and we've come up with roughly 3 ideas. We'll try to explain them here, and add some [badly photographed] sketches. Linde has made some as well, one should be able to find them on her blog any time now.

First idea is that the Corvocrow [Martins character], with Lindes character as the 'real shadow' of Corvo, will try to eat Bunch o' Lines [Bunch for friends], like it's a erhm, bunch of worms..? anyway, at a sudden moment the shadow, who has followed him up till now, will try to snatch Bunch for himself. So the shadow will detach himself from Corvo, and'll fly away with it's prey, Bunch. Corvo will stay behind, alone. Does that make any sense?

Second Idea. Starts with Bunch being busy and jumpy, and then forms like wings and paws will be visible in it's erhm, rough and jumpy [jeez.. the words..! I lost all my words!] shape. So Corvo and Kra will get it's shape out of Bunch. There will be some kind of fight to get loose from the bunch of lines. Finally, there won't be any Bunch left, and both of the birds will fly away, just attached till the very last moment, when the line [eg. their paws] that connects them snaps. It's like the very hard birth of a Siamese twin I guess.. Quite abstract, but interesting nevertheless.

Third Idea. This one's a bit more simple, but maybe because of it, could be the best choice for this short project..? It starts with Corvo being the creep he is, walk into the scene. It starts screaming and sqeaking [or how you want to call it] and starts coughing, furball.. He really vomits this bunch of lines, should be quite disgusting, not cartoony and fun, I think.. Bunch comes alive, and after some jumping [gotta find more words for that] and all, Kra will form out of Bunch. Perhaps it flies away as a free bird, or it'll attach itselves tot Corvo, being its shadow... Not too sure bout how it should end..

Though we haven't heard from Martin yet, I hope he's made some sketches and brilliant ideas so tomorrow we can make some decisions and start storyboarding. No idea how that's supposed to work out, but we'll think of something, I guess..

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