zondag 14 oktober 2007


So, we finally got contact with our British counterpart [for the ones who didn't know it yet, I teamed up with Linde from StJoost, and Martin form NSAD]. Martin's got Mirage now as well and so the three of us we'll be working all in Mirage. Because all three charaters kinda look a like, we'll try to enlarge that thing and blend them more together by using the same brush in Mirage.
Well, at least that's an idea we came up with so far. I'll update Linde tomorrow and continue brainstorming and sketching, update it here asap. Martin will do the same [and figure out Mirage, how come you guys never heard of that..?] and we'll need to get some sort of storyline quick. I guess a moving storyboard by the end of the week is a nice goal. Would be -really- nice if we could present it on Playgrounds..!
Hope we can make it, but we're going to need our time to animate it.. And add sound to itt as well..
Hope to come with updates soon. But we're started! Yay!

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